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Do you have a grievance over how you are treated in work? Have you been bullied and harassed or offered a settlement agreement that is not to your satisfaction? Our skilled employment lawyers can help.

At Employment Law Edinburgh, we are a team of specialist employment lawyers serving all of Scotland - including Fife and the surrounding area. You can visit us at any of our city offices, contact us by phone or email or use our online enquiry form. 

employment-lawyers-fifeEmployment Lawyers Fife

Employment is an ever-changing aspect of our daily lives with new challenges facing employers and employees every day. Naturally, taking legal action against an employer can be a daunting affair. However, if you have been harassed or mistreated in the workplace, you have the right to take legal action and hold those responsible to account. While you may fear that by taking such action can result in you being further mistreated or losing your job, the law is there to protect you and it is important that you take action.

Our customer service team pride themselves on getting the best results for our clients, and will be able to inform them upon their first call if they have grounds to make a claim. We speak to clients in a way that allows them to understand the ins-and-outs of the case. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high success rates and customer satisfaction levels.  We deal with all types of employment law, including settlement agreements, unfair dismissal claims, discrimination cases and much more. Our skilled solicitors will be able to use their wealth of experience to provide you with the legal advice and representation you require. Whilst we are known for our legal success as part of Employment Law Edinburgh, we offer our clients personalised and unique advice fit to their circumstances.

Do I need a solicitor?

Taking legal action against an employer can be an overwhelming task, however no matter if you believe your case is simple and straight-forward, employment law cases can quickly become very complicated, especially if you have no idea what to expect, and no legal background. Our team will guide you on what you can expect from an employment claim and offer you the correct guidance.

It is important to note that often an employment case may not have to go to court or an employment tribunal, and can be settled.This can be beneficial to both the employee and employer and is more common that people expect. Our solicitors have dealt with a vast number of cases and will be able to inform you of exactly what your claim could be worth, and what a good settlement offer is. As we are part of Employment Law Edinburgh, we hold ourselves to the highest standards that you would expect from one of the UK’s leading legal groups.

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