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kirkcaldy-employment-lawyers-ukWe are employment law specialists serving all of Scotland - including Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area. Our  team have the skills and the resources to provide the finest quality of customer service to all of our clients in any of our city offices.

If you require legal advice on settlement agreements, unfair dismissal claims and discrimination at work, our team of skilled solicitors can provide you with the best legal advice and representation - you can contacts us by phone or email, or by using our online enquiry form.

We are well known nationwide for providing excellent legal service. However, many people do not know that we provide employment advice prior to a claim being made.

Employment Lawyers Kirkcaldy

Going to court or taking legal proceedings in any aspect, whether it be personal injury or employment law can be daunting. It can be even more daunting if you are taking legal action against your current employer. However, if you are being victimised or bullied in the workplace, can you really afford to sit back and not speak out?

Many people worry that by taking legal action they could be in risk of losing their job if they are to take action against their employer, however an employer cannot dismiss you for making a legal claim against them or they run the risk of having an unfair dismissal claim brought against them also. Many people are unaware of their rights in the workplace and what kind of behaviour will merit an employment law claim. It is important that if you are in doubt you contact our team of skilled solicitors to find out if you could be entitled to make a claim.

Many of our clients are unaware when they come to us that their claim may not necessarily need to go to court, employment issues are often settled outside of the courtroom. Employers and employees can benefit from settlements agreement with terms and conditions added as to match both parties needs. Settlement agreements tend to be around three months salary in terms of damages, with a substantial amount often being tax-free. While many may jump at the first opportunity of any compensation payout, employers often try to undersell. Our team of skilled solicitors will be able to use their wealth of knowledge and experience from previous cases to inform you of if the offer is acceptable, or if it could be possible to get more compensation.

Our Promise To You

Our team ensure that our clients are involved in their case and are awarded as much compensation as possible. Our customer service team are known for their friendly manner and professionalism, and will be able to inform you if you could be entitled to make a compensation claim after your initial consultation. We don’t try and mislead our clients and will speak to them in terms that they understand.

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